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Westonia Aviation can assist with remote airfield operations and help with your staffing aerodrome requirements. Westonia Aviation Remote Airport Services provide a wide range of specialist airport and aviation services to aerodrome owners and operators, government agencies. With a signification amount of aviation experience, we are focused on delivering the right solution for airports across Western Australia and the Northern Territories. Westonia Aviation can provide support through our qualified and experience staff. 


Airport Management

  • Administration 

  • Aerodrome Trainers 

  • Support Services 

  • Staff Training 


Remote Airport Services 

  • Airport Managers 

  • Aircraft Refuelers

  • Aerodrome Reporting Officers 

  • Airport Support Staff 


Specialised  Equipment  

  • Significant experience in airport operations 

  • Hands on experience with numerous aircraft types 

  • Specialist equipment operators 

  • Quality and reliability of services 


Western Australia & Northern Territories

  • Staff Bases in Perth and Darwin 

  • Remote Services across both states 

  • Aircraft Handling (Onboard Fly in Fly Out - Same day operations) 


Ground Service Equipment (GSE) 

GSE Leasing

  • Small Business options 

  • Large Scale Operations 

  • Maintenance Options 

  • Customizable Solutions 

  • Outright Purchase

  • Lease 

  • Rental (Short Term / Long Term) 

  • Exchange / Parts supply 


Satisfaction Guarantee

Westonia Aviation - A solutions-based business, here to listen and here to help.

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